About Ampersand

AMPERSAND is an ensemble of flexible proportions, loosely based in New York, NY.

Our members are an ever-changing roster of exceptionally talented artists from all over the world. Our repertoire selections are guided by what the world needs to hear, tending towards vocally-centric pieces from the fringes of the common-practice era with modern and early bits sprinkled in for color.

We aspire to exploit the relationship between music and speech, art and conversation. Seeking to communicate the inherent connectivity between all things, we are AMPERSAND.


    Will Berman. Stephen Biegner. Jonathan Cooper. Marc Day. Will Doreza. Robert Eisentrout. Elizabeth Eschen. Allie Faulkner. Fiona Gillespie. Sarah Hawkey. Nicolas Haigh. Robert Hansen. Madeline Apple Healey. Catherine Hedberg. Christopher Jackson. Timothy Keeler. Anna Lenti. Eva Lymenstull. Kate Maroney. Donald Meineke. Raymond Nagem. Nils Neubert. Andrew Padgett. Timothy S. Parsons. Eric Christopher Perry. James Reese. Elisa Sutherland. Jonathan Woody.


  • Madeline Apple Healey is a soprano who loves working on repertoire that challenges the construct of beautiful sound. She received her BM in Vocal Performance from Baldwin Wallace University in 2011, and her MM in Voice Performance and Pedagogy from Westminster Choir College in 2013. Recent engagements include Bach's Mass in B Minor at the Kennedy Center, performances of Bach's Coffee Cantata, and the U.S. premiere of Here All Night with Gare St. Lazare Ireland at The White Light Festival at Lincoln Center. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, where, when she's not making music, she can be found baking and philosophizing with her houseplants.

  • Anna Lenti is a singer and conductor whose work embraces a variety of musical genres. A native of Rochester, NY, Anna received her BM in Vocal Performance from the Eastman School of Music in 2011, and her MM in Choral Conducting from Westminster Choir College in 2013. An avid lover of ensemble performance, Anna has appeared with numerous professional ensembles throughout the US, including Apollo's Fire (Cleveland), Voices (Rochester), the Holy Trinity Bach Choir (NYC), and Ensemble VIII (Austin). When she's not making music, you can find Anna doing yoga, hiking, running, or knitting scarves for her friends during the cold winter months.


AMPERSAND’s 2017 season

January 15, 2017 at 5pm - St. John the Divine, NYC
Post-evensong recital: ...most highly favored lady...
Cathedral of St. John the Divine, 1047 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025
no admission charge

March 10, 2017 at 8pm - Park Avenue Christian Church, NYC
Lineage & Heritage with Urban Playground Chamber Orchestra featuring Handel's Dixit Dominus
1010 Park Ave, New York, NY 10028
tickets available here

stay tuned for updates – Ampersand is on the brink of launching a refocused fourth season!


Performed by Ampersand in New York City in May 2016

Performed by Ampersand in New York City in September 2014


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